Feedlin is a social media website, This website designed full-on entertainment for the users. You will get all the entertainment with us. Our design is very much user friendly and ensuring a great experience for users out there so that they can a great time enjoying here. Our social media have many features that will keep you entertained for a very long time. The purpose of Feedlin is to entertain and also benefit from through different features of us. Our features will help in both real lives and getting entertained. The special features of Feedlin are described below in detail.

  • Entertainment: Feedlin is an entertainment social media platform that helps in brining recreation into the mind and helps them to get entertained and getting rid of their boring time. Entertainment is a necessary element of our lives that makes our lives fun and content.
  • Audio call and video call: You have the chance of making audio and video calls to your friends. 
  • Blog section: We give the bloggers out there a good opportunity to write their blogs and share. Bloggers can write articles here.
  • Market place: The marketplace feature allows users to buy and sell different products or services that will help them make a profit or get support from someone who sells their service.
  • Game: Feedlin offers a game section for the users wherever they can play online games. There are multiple games that the users can choose from and play to pass their rest time with something fun.
  • Movies: You love movies will get the chance to see movies in Feedlin for free. All the latest movies can be seen here.
  • Free Earning: The best feature of us. Feedlin offers which other social media don’t. You can earn dollars as you can from us. The only way you can earn is through posts, comments, react, blog and shares.
  • Upgrade: A Pro account will help you get more advantages. To see the upgrade package Click here.


We hope now you understand that Feedlin is a social media website. that is different from all others due to unique features and all. The features we offer will entertain at a satisfactory level. We believe in being your satisfying online entertainer.